A Word From Our Clients...

Susan Horn is quite simply a wonderful therapist and we are so fortunate to have found her for our 8-year old, who has Sensory Processing Disorder and a host of other neurological and muscular challenges. 

Susan began by doing a terrifically thorough assessment, which hadn’t been done for three years. But this wasn’t simply a descriptive document. Susan used it to set clear and specific goals which have helped us see what kind of genuine progress our son has been making. 

To call Susan simply a therapist is too limiting a description: she’s a teacher, a playmate, a coach, a cheerleader and a creative artist. Susan is so compassionate and creates an atmosphere of delight for our boy. This isn’t to suggest that the work she’s doing with him is easy. Far from it, Susan is a tireless in her efforts and expects the same from our son. In addition to all the skills she’s helping our son develop, she has given him a stronger sense of his own most priceless of gifts: courage.

Whatever words of praise we can give, they can’t possibly match the excitement on our son’s face every day he gets to go to therapy with Susan. She is a treasure.

-John Plummer and Maia Guest